The birds outside my Condo

After taking lots of photos of the woodpeckers, I decided to take some shots of the birds around my condo. These shots were taken from my patio, as I drink my morning coffee, over the last several days.

It may seem strange to many of you to see that we have wild parrots in our neighborhood, but this giant flock of red-crowned parrots has been around for decades. The are a few urban legends surrounding just how these parrots got to our town, but one thing for sure — they are noisy critters. You can read more about the parrots of the San Gabriel Valley here.

Woodpecker problem — Solved!

In my last post, I was describing how a family of woodpeckers were banging on the side of our townhouse since we moved in last week. Amusing, yet destructive and somewhat annoying, as I kept running downstairs to see who was knocking on my front door. Oh — it was the woodpeckers again. How to solve this problem? The California Wildlife Foundation frowns on the “shoot them with a gun” approach, since the woodpeckers are a protected species. So instead, we now have environmentally-approved protected-species-friendly mylar streamers stapled to the side of our house, blowing and sparkling in the breeze.

And the woodpeckers have now moved on to the Utility Pole behind our dumpster. A win-win situation for everyone.

Video shot from my bedroom balcony:

Oh, and South Pasadena has parrots too. Lots of them. They’re noisy as all get-out, but non-destructive, at least.

The Woodpecker Saga

Updated: How we solved the problem.

Soon after moving into our new home, we began to hear some unexpected guests. The tap-tap-tapping sound of… woodpeckers. And of all places for them to peck, they had chosen the outside wall between Lia and Miranda’s bedroom windows. It was an unexpected alarm clock from Mother Nature each morning, and lasted throughout much of the day.

One 3 occasions, I was in my bedroom, and heard someone knocking loudly and persistently on my front door. I’d go running down the 2 flights of steps at top speed, answer the door, and then realize that there was no one there. Just Woody and his pals outside.

The Homeowners Association was aware of these visitors, and had contacted the necessary State Wildlife folks about the problem. After all, these guys were pounding holes into my home! Since the Woodpecker is a “protected species”, the old reliable “shoot them with a shotgun” solution is off the table. So in my next post, I will show the creative solution that chased the birds away. They’ve now decided to peck away at the Utility Pole in the back alley. Here they are:

Update: See how we solved the problem here.