Weenie Warmers!

Own a dachshund? Or any other little critter that likes to burrow and snuggle?
Buy them a Weenie Warmer!

pink2Yes, this is the latest site I built, after the business owner found great success on Etsy. Take a look, and by all means, buy one. They’re dachshund tested, dachshund approved.

And boy, I sure learned how to spell Dachshund while building that website.

Mother's Day 2015

The birds outside my Condo

After taking lots of photos of the woodpeckers, I decided to take some shots of the birds around my condo. These shots were taken from my patio, as I drink my morning coffee, over the last several days.

It may seem strange to many of you to see that we have wild parrots in our neighborhood, but this giant flock of red-crowned parrots has been around for decades. The are a few urban legends surrounding just how these parrots got to our town, but one thing for sure — they are noisy critters. You can read more about the parrots of the San Gabriel Valley here.